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International Military Competition “Prealpi 2010″

As for her Statutory task, the Federazione Nazionale Riservisti (Italian Federation of Reserve Military- aka FNR) organizes the International Military Competition “Prealpi 2010″.
The event is based on the most recent doctrinal and training requirements of Italian Army, is inspired to efficency and focuses to the operation capability.

Overall: the competition will develop in a light mountain environment.
Moving as for the received instructions, the competitors will reach many places, where they will be asked to resolve/execute exercises on the various issues at base of any military activity.
The single exercises, altogether, build the schema of the competition.
At any of these points, competitors will be supplied of the necessary tools and materials for the execution of the tasks.

Date: 22 may 2010.
Place: Prealpi trevigiane – North East of Italy, Veneto region (exact location will be decided soon).
Time frame: 8.30-17.00.
Partecipants: active and Reserve military, Italians and of Friend/Allied Countries.
Composition of Teams: 4 people (both sexes), the highest rank acts and is Team Leader.
Entry fee: 100,00 €uro per Team.

General description of exercises:

- raid march,
- topografy, orienteering and land navigation,
- basic mountaineering,
- weapons/vehicles/aircrafts (friend/foe) identification,
- basic Engineer’s tasks,
- hand grenade throwing (dummy), as for the US Army Grenade standard,
- rappeling,
- request and correction of Artillery fire
- getting through natural and artificial obstacles,
- concepts of International Humanitarian Law,
- concepts of First Aid and self-aid,
- Mines and explosives (simulation),
- Execution of simple tactical actions (simulacres as foes).


- to first three Teams on Overall ranking,
- the best Foreign Team,
- the best Italian Team,
- the best Reserve military Team,
- the best active military Team,
- the best mixed Team (2 men + 2 women)
- the best female’s Team (3 women at least).

Certificate: to any of the ranked Teams.

Download the documents of the competition here

Complimentary activities: after the award ceremony, Teams, Staff and authorities will take part to a “social evening”, inspired to comraderie and to international exchange.
Religion events and/or parades will not be held.

Logistics: competitors and competion’s Staff may stay and overnight in a camp, toilets and showers are available. In the area of the event there is a limited hotel capacity (individuals and Teams will arrange bookings and payments by themselves).

Materials required for participation (individuals): 2 combat uniforms, military footwear and headgear, tactical backpack, first aid kit, 5 meters of climbing rope (at least 10 mm diameter), rock lanyard, 3 screw-carabiniers, gloves, water bottle/canteen, writing pad and pencil/pen, any other thing under discretion of individuals.

Materials required for participation (Team): mils compass and protractor, coordinates ruler.

To enter a Team to the International military competition Prealpi

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