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36th year of “LIBERTY CUP” Czech Republic MTA BREZINA (VYŠKOV) 14. – 16. May, 2010

36th year of “LIBERTY CUP”
International military shooting competition.
Under the patronage of the Vice-Chair of the Government
and the Minister of defense of the Czech Republic.

Czech Republic
14. – 16. May, 2010

A. General Information:

Type of Competition: International military shooting competition of individuals and 4-member teams for reserve Soldiers, armed forces personnel and invited guests. The competition was registered in the Plan of the MOD.

Organizer: Joint Forces Command Training Command - Military Academy in Vyskov Association of Reserve Brigades

Organization Committee:

Honorary Competition Director : Major General Hynek Blaško, commander of the Joint Forces

Executive Competition Director : Major Arnošt Líbezný

Secretary : CW-2 Dominik Žbánek

Economist : LtC. Rostislav Vychodil

Chief Referee : Lt. Zdenek Kvasnicka, the URS Referee I.class

Technical Delegate : Stanislav Gardavský, the URS Main Referee

Range Commander : to be specified by the Training Command-Military Academy

Weapons Instructor : to be specified by the Training Command-Military Academy

Medical Service : Garrison Infirmary of Vyškov

Competition Committee:

Consists of : Competition Director, Chief Referee, Technical Delegate

Chairman of Evaluation Commission: Ludek Mokroš, the URS Main Referee

Referees of Events : Miroslav Dedic, Oldrich Pastrnák

Honorary chairmen:

Dip. Eng. Michael Hrbata Parliament of the Czech Republic, Committee on Defence

Mgr.Michal Hašek Mayor of the South Moravian Region

RNDr. Petr Hájek Mayor of Vyškov city

Colonel GS. Jaromír Zuna, MSc. Commander of the Training Command-Military Academy

Colonel Miroslav Zelinka Director of Regional Military Command Brno

Colonel Jan Kríž President of the Association “Soldiers together”

B. Technical and Safety Instructions:

During shooting exercises, all the competitors are obliged to be equipped with the eye and ear protectors.

The competitors are prohibited to move beyond the designated area.

All the participants are obliged to maintain discipline and follow the competition regulations, orders and instructions of the referees and marked organizers.

If necessary, the organizer, organization and competition committee are entitled to amend the regulations during the competition.

Weapons and Ammunition: to be provided by the Training Command-Military Academy

All the competitors will use the weapons provided by the organizer

Competition Events:

1) Large Caliber Pistol Accuracy Shooting

Max.3 rounds for zeroing fire in 3 minutes, item 1*10 rounds in 240 sec. Using of spotting scope is not allowed. Target: 135/P, target distance 25m

2) Large Caliber Pistol Combat Shooting

Without zeroing fire, short run, shooting 3*2 rounds without change of magazine, max. time limit 10 sec.
Rating: R=hits (if will be more than 2 shots in some of targers = this target is 0.
Target: FBI, target distance 20m

3) Sa-vz.58 (assault rifle) shooting

3 rounds for zeroing in 2 minutes, items 1*10 rounds of series from a lying position, 1*5 rounds in a kneeling position and 1*5 round in a standing position. Time 240 + 120 + 120 sec. Using of spotting scope is not allowed. Target: 135/P, target distance 100m

4) Grenade throws at a target

5 throws with dummy grenade at a target (window) from 20m distance.

C. Organizational instructions:

Participation Criteria : good health condition, properly filled in and timely sent application form. Only reserve Soldiers, armed forces personnel and invited guests are allowed to compete.

Information on the competition and application forms:

The applications forms shall be sent in a written form not later than 10th April 2010 to the address:


Major Arnošt Líbezný

Stránského 28, 616 00 Brno, Czech Republic

Phone: +420 543 235 262, fax.: +420 543 235 271, E- mail :

The application must include rank, surname, name, address of permanent residence, date of birth + passport number (for foreign participants). Write down also the composition of teams.

The application form for the e-mail contact is available at or

The applicants, who will not deliver their application form up to the above mentioned deadline,
are forbidden to take part in the competition.

Refreshment: provided by the organizer in the area of competition from Friday to Sunday

Accommodation: all the participants will be lodged in the MTA Log Cabin Camp from Friday to Sunday (2 nights). The organizer recommends the competitors bring own sleeping bags. The application shall specify the arrival and departure time.

Insurance: The participants take part in the competition at their own risk. The organizer recommends the competitors to effect an individual insurance.

Medical service: ACR Vyškov


The winners of individual as well as team competition will be awarded the Cup of The CR Minister of Defense, medals, diplomas and other gifts, individuals and Teams that reached the second and third position will be given cups, medals, Diplomas and other gifts.

Participant Membership Fee: CZK 600, - /EUR 25,-/ /includes meals, participation fee, etc./

Final Provisions: The referees are not allowed to compete.

Transportation: Individual.

Protests: Any protests must be submitted to the competition committee by 15 minutes after announcement of results on deposit of CZK 200.It the protest turns out unjustified, the deposit cash will not be returned.

B. The Competition Time Schedule:

14th May 2010, Friday

16.00 - 19.00 hrs. Arrival in the Military Training Area /MTA/ Vyškov – log cabin camp, (Departure to the log cabin camp from the main Gate of the MTA Vyškov at 5PM, 6PM or 7PM)
19.30 presentation, accommodation, dinner, soiree

21.00 Technical meeting to acquaint the team leaders and Delegation with the course and time schedule of the Competition

15th May 2010, Saturday

06.15 – 07.00 breakfast for the accommodated participants

07.00 – 08.00 move to the shooting range

07.15 – 08.15 registration of the competitors and referees at the range

08.15 – 08.30 meeting for the referees

08.30 – 09.00 roll-call competitors and referees to the opening ceremony

09.00 - open fire

11.00 – 12.30 lunch

16.00 end of competition

17.00 announcements of the results on the notice board

16.30 – 18.30 afternoon program

19.30 closing and prize awarding ceremony

20.30 - solemn dinner, party

16th May 2010 Sunday

08.00 – 09.00 breakfast

By 12.00 departure from the Military Training Area Additional program

During the competition will be held following presentations:

- Sellier & Bellot, a.s.

- CZ HERMEX, s.r.o.

- MIKOV, s.r.o. – manufacturing pruduction

- MEOPTA-OPTIKA, a.s. Prerov - manufacturing production

- MaRS Jevícko, a.s.

- ESS, BLACKHAWK, MEPROLIGHT manufacturing production

- COLORIT spol. s r.o.

- Airman Association of the Czech Republic, branch Brno

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