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“Utria assault 2014” - International long-range reconnaissance patrol competition - Republic of Estonia - January 16th-18th 2014

      International long-range reconnaissance patrol competition   
  “Utria assault 2014”                     Republic of Estonia


The Military Sporting Society “Erna” (MSS “Erna”) has the honour to invite a team to represent your country at our annual long-range reconnaissance patrol competition Utria Assault 2014. This competition is open for both regular (active) and reserve military units. First-time participants are welcome to attend as observers.

Utria Assault 2014 will take place during the period of January 16th-18th 2014 in the northern part of Estonia. The teams should be at the base camp (exact coordinates will be given later) by the evening of January 16th and are free to depart on January 19th.


The competing teams are to consist of four (4) competitors (the reconnaissance patrol) and two (2) or three (3) members of support staff. We strongly recommend that at least one member of the support staff has intermediate or higher  English language ability (STANAG 6001, SLP 3222); the competitors and the person assigned to umpire unit must be able to communicate in English (STANAG 6001, SLP 2222).


The final date for registration is December 1st 2013.

The cost for all participants is 150 EUR per person. This fee covers: liaison officer; meals provided by MSS “Erna” at the main camp, (approximately 190 km from Tallinn to east, near Sillamäe); if necessary transportation on the arrival/departure and in the field; drinks and refreshments at the award ceremony. The fees should be paid no later than by December 15th , 2013.


All participants from NATO/PfP countries are subject to respective SOFA, therefore after they provide the necessary information the border formalities will be cleared by MSS “Erna”. Also the confirmation of registration will serve as supporting document for visa applications if required by Estonian embassies and/or consulates abroad.

The customs formalities will be cleared by MSS “Erna” after receiving the completed Weapons-Munitions-Equipment Import Form.

Meelis Rätsep 
President of MSS “Erna”        


Military Sporting Society “Erna”
(Eesti Sõjalis-Sportlik Selts “Erna”)
Toompea 8
Tallinn 10142, Estonia
Phone: +372 627 8231 
Fax:     +372 627 8232



Swedbank account 221002161881
IBAN: EE492200221002161881

Foreign relations:

Ms Siiri Sepp
+372 529 3447

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