sabato 19 luglio 2014

31. Internationalen SchieBwettkampf "Wappen der Stadt Köln" am 29/11/2014 - Cologna - Germany

Territorial Army State Command NRW provided the call for the competition in German only. 

The competition “Wappen der Stadt Köln” (Crest of the City of Cologne) is a team shooting competition for civilian and military teams consisting of -4- members. 

The disciplines are

1.       assault rifle G36: distance 200 metres, 10 ring target; 3 sighting shots, 9 shots competititve (3x prone freehand, 3x kneeling freehand, 3x standing freehand)

2.       pistol P8: distance 20 metres, 10 ring target; no sighting shots, 12 shots competitive (6x standing freehand, 6x kneeling freehand)

3.       AGSHP simulator (assault rifle G36): distance 100 metres, 10 ring target; 3 sighting shots, 10 shots competitive (standing freehand)

Basic accommodation including board can be provided in the air force barracks close to the shooting range. Transport to the shooting range is included. Awards ceremony and prom take place after the shooting competition at the sergeant´s mess. 

Starting fee is 100€ per team including accommodation, board, transport and prom ticket, non-shooting escorts pay 15€ for the prom ticket. 

For registrations please use the form provided with the invitation (“Anmeldung”), the form asks (in order of appearance) for team name, name and rank of the team leader, street with number, zip and city, phone number and finally email address. 

After sending your registration form (preferred via email), you receive data collection forms for each team member, which need to be returned until 2014/10/15 fully filled, you get your team number and you get the details of the bank account, to which the starting fee is to be transferred.

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