domenica 15 giugno 2014

XXIV GRIFO Military Patrol Competition 28-29 june 2014

GRIFO 2014 is an evaluative exercise day and night, and with an ongoing and active opponent represented various tests including technical-military patrols in the first phase will schedule the action to be performed and, subsequently, penetrate hostile territory  with strong enemy presence to fulfill the mission that will be assigned to them. Patrol of three elements. 

Italian language program at the following link

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Sezione UNUCI Perugia tel/fax 075-5722903 (saturday 10.30-11.30 - fax H24)
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I°Cap. Tullio Crovato 0039 329. 2309307 
Cap. Maurizio Cini 0039 335. 8223399
Ten. Roberto Mancini 0039 339. 3711235

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