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International military competition “Prealpi 2014” - Cordignano (TV) (North-East of Italy) - June 7, 2014

FNR sponsor and promote training and promotional activities in favour of Reserve military.

The approach is strictly bond to the comprehension of the new settings of modern Armed Forces and to the exact respect of the nowadays international military standards.

With this preface, members of organization and competition referees are regular members and leaders of FNR. With the integration of foreign Reserve military and experts, they know the issues of the tasks/exercises of which they are responsible.

In many cases, instructors and referees have performed recent Reserve duty calls for the operational needs of the Armed Forces, regularly take part to the activities organized by FNR and/or similar foreign Associations. Instructors and referees do not receive any payment for their service at the competition.

The concept under which the International military competition “Prealpi 2014” develops is based on few general comments:
  • -  it is internationally set that a military unit employed in a military operation is capable of her own self-defense, only if is composed of at least 4 elements; this is well codified by the various Standard Operational Procedures (SOP) issued by NATO,
  • -  the evolution and the spectre of operations in which modernArmed Forces operate drove to adjustments of the military doctrine. Nowadays, manuals ans Standard Operational Procedures provide the operational modality to which military units have to comply absolving their duties and tasks.
    A satisfactorily participation to the International military competition “Prealpi 2014” requires:
  • -  a good fitness base,
  • -  the knowledge of the techniques and capacity of the so-called “basic infantry skills”,
  • -  ability of “teamworking”,
  • -  a modest knowledge of English language,
  • -  competition esprit,
  • -  comraderie.
    To grant any Team will do its own land navigation, the time gap between Teams at start will be the highest possible.
    As much as possible, after any task/exercise that time interval will be restored, conserving the arrival sequence to station.
    The competition is build on a sequence of tasks/exercises, which execution is inspired to SOPs.
    Any exercise will be evaluated by the respective Referee.
    Any task/exercise can be succesfully faced by military who own the basic operational capability of the Light Infantry Team, integrated with a good fitness.

    The route entirely develops outside build-up areas and the various station can be reached by mean of existing tracks and paths, these are often not given in the maps.
In some cases it will be necessary to leave the existing roads/paths.

In these cases and in the roughest pieces the right direction is marked by red/white ribbon flocks.

The total distance to complete the competition is about 7 kilometers, almost entirely comprised within a 400 meters height belt.
During the execution of the competition, the integration of elements within Teams will be an advantage. This is particularly true in occasion of the tasks of managing natural and man-made obstacles.
Also the ability of Teams to develop the right solutions will be important.
The time given for the execution of any task/exercise is surely enough, while only exceeding 20% of the best Team time at exercise will result in the application of a penalty coefficient.

At some station, tasks/exercises will be solved individually by any of Team's members.

It is evident that in this cases the Teams having less than 4 components could get a lower score.

In respect to safety, the excution of those tasks/exercises requiring courage/bravery is not mandatory. Also in this case, the Team could get a lower or no score.
Further details will be given at the briefing prior to start.
Depending on the timing of the competition, with the purpose to clear doubts and foster training and knowledge, it could be held a final briefing, during which the correct executions will be explained.

The nature of the competition is OPERATION.

The useless and purposeless showing off of military uniforms ARE NOT purposes of FNR.
For this, as it is customary at FNR's activities, apart of award ceremony, it WILL NOT be held any military display/parade of Teams and competitors, as this is not giving any plus to the event.

Furthermore, for the same reason and also to respect the various religious sensiteveness of individuals, it WILL NOT be held any religion feature. 

  • -  to verify the training level of Reserve military,
  • -  to promote integration and interoperability of italian and foreign Reserve military,
  • -  to suggest improvements of the training plans adopted,
  • -  to endeavour comraderie in an international environment.
    General: the competition will develop in a light mountain environment, under any meteo condition.
    Moving as for the received instructions, Teams will reach various stations, where Teams will have to perform military skillnesses and tasks..
    Station are managed by referees.
    At any station competitors will find the necessary equipments and tools, necessary to solve the tasks.

    Date: 07 June 2014
    Place: Cordignano (TV)
    Times: 8.00-18.00.
    Partecipants: Active and Reserve military, Italian and of friend/allied Countries.
    Composition of Teams: correct and requested 4 people, optional 3 people. The highest rank is the Team leader. Companions: any Team can have companions.
    Entry fee: 120.00 €uro per Team (30.00 €uro per person), 30.00 €uro per any companion.

    - Raid march,
    - topography, orienteering and land navigation,
    - Hand grenade throwing (dummies),
    - getting over to natural and man-made obstacles,
    - Firts and Self Aid,
    - execution of tactical actions (dummy weapons, with simulacres) - Military symbols recognition,
    - shooting with light weapons simulator.

    Doctrinal reference:
    Pub. 1000/A/2 "Fighter's manual" (SME) ed 1998
    Pub. 6560 "Patrols" (SME) ed. 1996
    Pub. “Behaviour rules at presence of explosives”
    Dir. "Guidelines for the maintaining of operation capability of land Forces" (SME) ed. 2007

    Dir. "Permanent training guideline” (ComFoTer) ed. 2005 Pub. STANAG APP-11(A) (NATO messages collection) Pub. STANAG APP-6(A) (NATO military signs collection)
Serie M792 - Sheet 085 Pordenone (IGMI) - (1:50000)
Serie M891 - Sheet Cordignano 38 I NE (IGMI) - (1:25000)
Sheet 12 Alpago - Cansiglio - Piancavallo - Valcellina ed. 2007 (publischer Tabacco) - (1:25000)

to first 3 Teams of Overall ranking,
to first Team of Active ranking,
to first Team of Reserve ranking,
to the best mixed Team (2 women and 2 men)
to the best female Team (at least 3 women)
(prizes will not be issued for categories not present at the entering of the competition) Prizes offered by sponsors will be drafted.

Awards: to any of qualified Teams

Rules: enclosed document prot. 014/2013

Logistics: competitors, companions and members of FNR can sleep in a camp, owns sleeping bag and matress are to be brought.
It is suggested to bring own tent, if possible.
WC and showers are available.

In Cordignano and in the surroundings are available hotels and pensions (booking and fees to be be hold by interested).
Food/beverages: competitors, companions and members of FNR will receive a lunch-packet for the competition and are entitled to take part to the “social evening” for free, during the competitions competitors could get extra food and water.
Necessary individual materials:
2 field uniforms (one for award ceremony),
military shoes and cap/beret, tactical backpack,
first aid kid,
5 meters of climbing rope (10 mm diameter at least) or rappeling harness, 2 meters of safety rope (about 5/6 mm diameter),

3 screw carabiniers,
water canteen,
writing material (paper, pen, pencil, eraser), safety glasses,

other as for individual's need. Necessary Team's materials:
- mils compass (6400 divisions in a 360° turn), - protactor,
- mils angle meter.

Secondary activities: after the award ceremony competitors, companions, members of FNR and Authorities will entertain in a “Social evening”, inspired to comraderie and international exchange.
- Diplays, parades and religious events ARE NOT provided and WILL NOT be performed. 

more information and entry form link

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