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Person in charge:   
Commanding officer of the Landeskommando NRW

Project officer:       
StOffz Res Northrhine-Westfalia

59969 Hallenberg-Liesen, Schützenhalle (MB 731653)

8th of March 2014 10am until 30th of March 12am  

- Teams of reservists
- Teams of active Bundeswehr soldiers
- Teams of foreign soldiers / reservists

Team size:            4 soldiers

Registration in writing is required, indicating name and rank of the participants. Please use the registration form and send it until 16th of March 2014 (date as per postmark) to:

Landeskommando NW
- Organisationsstab HSM –
Hansastrasse 17
D 59821 Arnsberg/ Germany

Phone: +49 (2931) 4933     Fax: +49 (2931) 15830


Active soldiers (Bundeswehr or foreign soldiers) can only participate with two teams per unit.
Teams that registered but can't be considered will be informed by the organiser in time.
Teams are required to announce a contact person and his respective contact details on the registration form.

For more information about the event please visit:

Starting times:
The OrgStaff HSM will draw the sequence of the start.
Not later than two weeks after the close of the registration process the teams will receive a written confirmation of their start time.
If a unit wants to participate with several teams they have to start immediately after each other. They are not allowed to start at different times.

Uniform and equipment:
Camouflage battle dress, field jacket, rucksack, ear protection. Team leaders additionally require: map pointer.
One additional battle dress plus rain protection is recommended.

Free accommodation is usually only available as shared accommodation in rented halls.
Participants need to bring their own sleeping bags, air mattresses.
Private accommodation in hotels / hostels or private collective accommodation facilities needs to be organised and paid for by the participants.

The Bundeswehr will supply troop catering based on the number of registered participants that want to join meals.
Temporary and professional soldiers as well as foreign soldiers have to pay for troop catering.

Judging categories:
A – Overall winner
B – Bundeswehr (active soldiers)
C – Bundeswehr (reservists)
D – Foreign teams (active soldiers)
E – Foreign teams (reservists)
F – Marching time
G – Shooting

The first three teams of the categories will receive a cup.

Tasks of the competition:
The march is demanding and has a range of 15 km.
Training in advance of the competition is recommended.

The tasks include the following:
* Shooting
* Crossing difficult terrain (different tasks)
* Estimating distances
* Survival
* Identification of Tanks/Aircrafts
* Throwing hand grenades
* Zip line

The time required for the march will be measured and is part of the competition. The timing will stop during some of the tasks of the competition.
It is forbidden to carry GPS instruments and to use mobile phones during the competition (except for emergency cases). Violating this rule leads to the disqualification of the team.

Timetable of 28th Hochsauerland March

Friday, 28th of March 2014
As of 10am / noon: Arrival of organising staff in the Schützenhalle Liesen.
As of 12am: Arrival of the participants in the competition and allocation of accommodation
7pm: Honouring the fallen soldiers and laying a wreath at the memorial followed by joint social evening event

Saturday, 29th of March 2014
7am: Start of the first team
Around 8pm: Presentation ceremony and end of official event followed by joint social evening event

Sunday, 30th of March 2014
8am: Breakfast
Around 11am: Departure of the participants

Cost contribution
We kindly ask each team to contribute € 40 to cover the social evening events on Friday and Saturday (music bands etc.), the breakfast on Sunday in the Schützenhalle Liesen and the evaluation documents of the competition including the winning team certificates sent by mail.

For registration forms please contact:

Landeskommando NW Tle Arnsberg
Organisationsstab HSM
Hansastrasse 17
59821 Arnsberg


Please note:
All foreign teams have to pay the costs when they arrive at the Schützenhalle Liesen. The costs have to be payed even if a participant quits.

The organizer is unliable for any accidents that might happen during the competition/event or for any items that get lost.


Alcohol is strictly permitted during the march!

The competition will take place in all weathers.

When using public roads please note the German law takes effect.

The use of motorized vehicles during the competition is not permitted!

The instructions of the management and functional staff must be obeyed.

Anyone who fails to comply with the prescribed way, does not cross checkpoints or obtains an
unfair advantage (e.g. vehicle transport) will be disqualified. Same applies for attendees who
cannot complete the competition due to healthy reasons.

The march places heavy demands on the physical performance. Participation is therefore advised
only in good physical condition and absolute health. The organizer reserves the right to take
participants out of the march if they harm themselves.

It is forbidden to carry GPS instruments and to use mobile phones during the competition (except for emergency cases). Violating this rule leads to the disqualification of the team.

Guests are only allowed to enter the March route during the competition when accompanied by management personnel.

For more information please visit:

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