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MACEDONIAN FIGHTER 2011 - Chalkidiki Region - Northen Greece - Northen Greece, 6 May until 8 May


is a military competition that takes place every year in Northen Greece,
in the district of Macedonia, somewhere near the city of Thessaloniki
(100 to 150 km away the most). The competition addresses to actual and
reserve military personel and represents the summit of the training
procedures of all the reserve associations of Greece.

The organization of MACEDONIAN FIGHTER is runned by the Hellenic Armed Forces Reserves Club (the greek acronym is spelled LEFED). Until now it was open only to
participants that were actual personel or reserves with the armed
forces of Greece and Cyprus. This year and for the first time it will
be open to participants from various nations. The competition will run
from 6 May until 8 May and is held in the
region of Chalkidiki. It wil be contucted in typical greek sea and
mountain enviroment. The teams should be of 4 members. The number of
teams that we can accept is 20 which 5 of them can be foreign. The
participation fee is 30€ per member and includes
registration,accomodation and food.

The participants will compete during the day in various subjects, refering
to basic and advanced infantry skills and during night they will assume
a tactical mission. Every year the tactical mission focuses in
different objects. This years object will be amphibious operations. The
exercises that likely you will find this year are the following:


1) Artillery
2) Combat First Aid
3) 12gauge-fire with smooth barrelled rifles benelli m-4 and mossberg 590.
4) 36gauge-fire with 0.410inch saiga rifle.
5) Fastrope.
6) Rappel.
7) B.S.S. boat search and seizure operation.
8) Maritime operations techniques.
9) Combat swimming.
10) Grenade.
11) Stretcher party carrying wounded men.
12) Quick(commando)march 15-20km.
13) Friendly personnel hostage rescue situation.
14) S.O.F.patrol reaction.
15) Knowledge of militarye quipment.
16) Peace keeping operation/check point.

This list is an indication only. There is a possibility that it will change
according to the decision of the organization team. During the whole
competition every member will be provided with a "blue gun" type of
armament. This is in order to support the idea that the whole
competition consists of an ongoing military operation. The final
changes to the program of the competition will be given intime at our
webpage or by e-mail to ever whom express an interest.

For more information contact at:

Hellenic Armed Forces Reserves Club
Amalias 14 & Gamveta,
Evosmos 56224
Thessaloniki, Greece

Tel./Fax: 0030 2310 517028

For more and constant information about the MACEDONIAN FIGHTER 2011 military competition you can check here:

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