domenica 11 aprile 2010

24ma "Lombardia 2010" - Italian Raid Commando - May 21,22,23 Maggio – Palazzago (BG,Italy)

The competition is certainly the most important in Italy for participation and technical complexity and is much quoted and known throughout Europe. The proof is the constant presence of teams of at least 10 nations, including many on active duty who see a competition of this kind interesting to see the training received by their departments.

The competition will begin Friday, May 21 with the pull force for the general classification and the individual patent UNUCI LOmbardia shooting. In the evocative setting of the quarries share granted by Italcementi, the teams will pull a weapon with 7.62 to 230 m long, 5.56 to 150 m long gun, handgun cal. 9 in dynamic shooting, 15 spas in cal.12 pull dynamic and individual competitors will achieve the patent in the canonical 3 levels.

At the end of shooting and after the usual briefing, the teams will prepare for the mission at night, followed by a camp pitched in the area of operations and the diurnal phase.
As always, the theme will be operating today: the patrol control during a peacekeeping. The patrol control work in the area of responsibility of the peacekeeping force, controlling the territory covered by static structures of the defense, with the aim to demonstrate and emphasize the presence of peacekeepers and the warring factions to the population.

The route promises a total of 21km long with an altitude of 1500 feet, hard enough to test even the most athletic team prepared. As always, the technical component will be the key to distinguish who is truly prepared for a complex mission, so much so that for these very technical competition this year took the title of "Italian Commando Raid."

The list of tests has already been published to allow adequate preparation: Situation Analysis (theoretical), Bivouac (practice), sniper (technique practice), control equipment (theoretical) Demolition - IED (technical, practical ) Overcoming Obstacles (natural), Forced (physics), Night Observation (technical, practical), CIMIC Civil-Military Cooperation (technical, practical), Outlook (technical, practical), First aid in combat (technical, practical ) Mission Report (theoretical) time course (physics), Check Orders (theoretical).

The competition will be preceded and followed by several events: the flag hoisting and lay flowers in honor of a cushion to the Fallen of the Artillery, Infantry and mountain climbing; lay wreath at war memorial, followed by the parade of participants, the award el'ammainabandiera.

As always necessary support will come from the citizenship of Palazzago, local authorities, with multiple weapons Associations and Institutions (CRI Military Corps, SMOM, IIVV CRI) who spend working time, attention to all participants: a demonstration of friendship and of attachment to basic values of this event that brings together people with the "stars" to build the Europe of friendship and brotherhood.

On site dedicated viewable charts, awards, technical information on the competition and pictures of previous editions of the event.

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